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Do you want to have the energy and mental clarity to leap out of bed excited to hit a 6am spin class and stay sharp throughout a long day of meetings?

Do you want to dial in your precise diet to feel great and lose weight?

Do you want to remain focused and composed as you prepare to nail an important presentation or sink that big putt?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, the Epigenetic Equation is your answer!

360º Health and Lifestyle Review + Precision Genetic Analysis + Human Potential Coaching


You Deserve to Create Your Best and Brightest Future

Let’s face it today’s world is complex, uncertain, ambiguous and volatile. In this Age of Urgency you’re always “on”, being pushed to do more with less. The bottom line for most of us is that you’re running harder and faster than ever before and to keep pace and stay in control.  You’re successful, you work hard juggling the needs of many, and you care about your health. You do as much as you can to stay healthy and vibrant, yet with today’s hectic pace, stress, fatigue and self-sacrifice can quickly add up and take a significant toll on your energy, focus, mood and your health.

But they don’t have to.

Take Charge of Your Energy and Health

Intelligent and Whole

Precision Genetics and Performance Coaching that Optimizes the Whole of YOU



Learn how to improve sleep issues and disturbances, and optimize your sleep quality so you feel better rested.

Stop guessing and wasting time and money on fad diets and “solutions” that don’t work.

You have a genetic blueprint locked inside every cell within your body that holds your pure potential. The scientific field of advanced biology and epigenetics has discovered the key is a “signal” and this “signal” comes from the environment to the cell. When the signal arrives, it tells the DNA how to express. This means, you hold the key! You can optimize the signal to the cell to unlock greater energy and health.

Gain Clarity of what your unique body needs, Control of your lifestyle roadmap and Confidence that the choices and practices you adopt are right for you.


“The genomic analysis and coaching support Janet provided was a game changer for me.  With Janet’s guidance, I learned how I get in my own way in the areas of nutrition, exercise, and sleep and how using strategies that actually fit my DNA make the most sense for me.  Since working with Janet, I have been sleeping better, eating better, working out on a regular basis, and just feeling great overall. I can’t say enough about how this has helped me; as the principal of a very demanding consulting business and mother to 5 teens; I am far more productive, more patient, and just happier.  Thank you Janet!”

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