Janet McGillicuddy

Janet’s mission is to help high performing professionals take charge of their energy and health so they can create their best and brightest future

With over 20 years of diverse experience as a senior level Human Resources leader and Executive Coach for Fortune 100 financial services and healthcare organizations, Janet is passionate about helping people thrive and achieve their optimal potential. Through expert coaching and facilitation, she has helped hundreds of senior leaders achieve outstanding results, navigating through challenging and complex situations.

After suffering from burnout and declining health, Janet discovered the powerful field of Epigenetics and is now better than she’s ever been. With her renewed vitality, Janet launched her career as an Epigenetic Human Potential Coach and Consultant. By combining her business and executive coaching background with an education in Epigenetics, Janet’s mission is to help high-performing professionals take charge of their energy and health so they can create their best and brightest future.

Her unique blend of offerings combines Genomic Analysis to help clients unlock the power of their unique genetic blueprint and implement a customized lifestyle plan to enhance their energy, brainpower and health; and Coaching to actualize their plan and improve stress resiliency. Janet also provides corporate workshops on sleep and stress to help firms enhance organization health by optimizing their people.

With a BS from Cornell University and a master’s level certification in Executive Coaching from William James College, Janet is also a certified Epigenetic Human Potential Coach, a certified Heart Math Institute Coach and facilitator for The Personal Brand Company.  She lives in Cary, North Carolina with her husband and three children.

Janet McGullicuddy

What Is Epigenetics?

The study of how different life factors like diet, exercise, environment and sleep can cause our genes to be silenced (turned off) or expressed (turned on) over time without changing the underlying genetic code.

Scientists used to believe genes were unalterable. If you inherited a genetic predisposition for a certain disease, there was nothing you could do to improve your risk. Now we have Epigenetics.

Genes are specific sequences of DNA that provide instructions to make important proteins to carry out life functions. Genes determine our physical and biological make-up and traits. They also help us understand why we respond to food, supplements or other factors in a particular way.

Why do some of us have a sweet tooth and others don’t? Why do some of us gain weight just looking at carbs and others can eat whatever they want? The different combinations of genes that are turned on or off are what make each one of us unique.

Gene silencing is the equivalent of leaving out a step in the recipe. Imagine how different Tollhouse cookies would taste if you forgot to add the sugar!

Think of your DNA blueprint as the recipe to make your favorite dish. The recipe contains ingredients and steps written in a certain order to make the dish correctly. The ingredients represent your cells, the essential components of the recipe. Each step in the recipe represents your genes. In order to make the recipe correctly, you need to include the proper ingredients, in the right quantities and follow each step of the recipe in the proper sequence.

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What Epigenitics Can Do For YOU

“Through Epigenetics, We Control Our Biology!”… Bruce Lipton

Epigenetics is the blueprint for the future of your health.

Based on this blueprint, lifestyle modifications are tailored to your genetics. When you apply these custom modifications, gene expression changes, producing markedly better results.

  • Imagine not worrying every time you eat about whether your meal will upset your stomach, make you gain weight, or keep you up at night.
  • Imagine knowing how to recognize your stress triggers, head them off at the path and build your energy and resilience
  • Imagine knowing when to go to bed each night to optimize your performance

Imagine not only knowing your propensity for certain disease but what to do to decrease your risks.


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Overall Benefits include:

Maximized energy

Empowered Choices

Improved Focus

Better sleep quality

Nutrition optimization

Increased stress resilience

Real Life Epigenetics Examples


A 2016 research paper from the University of Oregon indicates exercise results in a change in expression of over 3,000 genes!

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Meditation changes the expression of over 2000 genes.


Discover exactly which foods and supplements your body needs to feel good, reach your ideal weight and thrive!

“As a result of Janet’s personal epigenetics report, I changed my diet to grain-free and altered the supplements I was taking. I lost five pounds and gained a lot more energy for my daily life. But the biggest improvement is how much less effort I need to expend to keep my body leaner, healthy and strong. Before her insights, I had to work so hard – 80 mile bike rides, ten mile hikes, and repeated cleanses with no sugar, no caffeine, no chocolate, and no alcohol. Now that I know what to eat for my body and my genes, my life is so much easier!”

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