Why Coaching?

US News reports that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within 2 months

Have you ever tried to stick to a diet, maintain a fitness regime or go to bed early each night only to return to old habits that leave you frustrated and angry at yourself?  You may ask yourself “What’s wrong with me?’ or “Why don’t I have any willpower?”

Let’s face it, behavior change is hard, especially when you’re stuck in old patterns and are trying to go it alone. In fact, US News reports that 80% of New Year’s resolutions are broken within 2 months. 

That’s where coaching comes in.

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching can help you conquer challenges and stay on track

Our coaching programs will help you:

  • Develop concrete goals
  • Establish accountability and track your success
  • Identify and shift limiting beliefs that hold you back
  • Create habits to propel you forward while letting go of those that don’t

Benefits experienced by coaching clients include:

  • Shifts perceptions from the “I have to” to the I get to” state
  • Enhances awareness of healthy lifestyle choices
  • Empowers you to take control of your health
  • Improves focus and mental acuity
  • Maximizes quality of sleep
  • Facilitates stress resiliency

You can optimize performance in all aspects of your life.

A Partner You Can Trust

I’m known for my compassion, care, integrity and expertise in guiding individuals through the most challenging situations. I build relationships on a foundation of trust and start by getting to know you – your concerns, aspirations, experiences, and your lifestyle. Through my coaching program, you will learn what you can do differently to get the best results and how to do it in a way that fits your unique needs. Get a partner who truly cares and will support your success each step of the way.

“As a result of Janet’s personal epigenetics report, I changed my diet to grain-free and altered the supplements I was taking. I lost five pounds and gained a lot more energy for my daily life. But the biggest improvement is how much less effort I need to expend to keep my body leaner, healthy and strong. Before her insights, I had to work so hard – 80 mile bike rides, ten mile hikes, and repeated cleanses with no sugar, no caffeine, no chocolate, and no alcohol. Now that I know what to eat for my body and my genes, my life is so much easier!”

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